Yasaswini Iyer is a disciple of Smt. Hema Rajagopalan and has been learning the classical art of Bharathanatyam since the age of 5. She grew from being a curious learner to a passionate student under the guidance of her guru and from Ms. Krithika Rajagopalan. As a part of the Natya Dance Theater, she has had the privilege of performing at various prestigious venues such as the Chicago Navy Pier, the Chicago Cultural Center, the Field Museum, the Millennium Park and the Art Institute of Chicago. She also had the opportunity to perform in coordination with the Lookingglass Theater Company and the Chicago Children’s Choir at the Harris Theatre in a musical production of “Sita Ram.” Yasaswini has also appeared on the CBS morning news and has danced for various charity events and fundraisers. Complementing her dancing, Yasaswini has been learning Indian Carnatic vocal music since the age of 4. She also played violin at her school. Yasaswini has a basic conversational understanding of multiple languages including Tamil and Hindi. All these have helped her better appreciate the nuances associated with Bharatanatyam. To Yasaswini, Bharatanatyam is not just a dance form, it is an interdisciplinary skill, which has helped her develop a greater understanding of her cultural roots. She wishes to continue her passion for Bharatanatyam by sharing the joy of dancing with diverse audiences.